lg-401_nra_classic_web_1The minimum training required to be eligible for obtaining a CPL permit in Michigan is the Personal Protection in the Home course.  It is an 8 hour course that includes firing at least 98 rounds.  The course comes complete with all of the training material and is taught by a NRA-Certified instructor.  The shooting portion of the class can be done at your facility (assuming it meets the minimum standard safety requirements) or mine.  The complete course is $115/person.  You are responsible for bringing the ammunition and firearm that you will need to qualify.  Should you wish to rent one of our firearms, you can do so for an additional $10 but you will still be responsible for your own ammunition.  A minimum $50 deposit will be due to book the class with the balance due BEFORE the class starts on the day of training.

The course is conducted in a safe, comfortable environment.  Please don’t be concerned if you’ve never shot a gun or know absolutely nothing about firearms.  The class will be tailored to the level of experience in the class and if you need more time you can be sure you will receive it.  There will be a wide variety of training aids and practical application to help you learn the basics of shooting positions, gun safety, safe carrying options and a whole lot more.  We will do the best we can to answer your questions and let you safely handle a variety of different pistols to help you determine what will be right for you.

If you will feel especially comfortable around other friends or family members we will gladly come to your home to conduct the training.  You will need to be near a firing range or have a safe place to legally fire the rounds needed for qualification. Range fees are the responsibility of each student.  If you want a class at our facility with only family or friends, please feel free to ask, we will happily set that up for you.  Classes are limited to 10 people to ensure everyone gets plenty of personal attention.

Remember, it is our mission to properly train you to defend yourself and to properly exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights under the US Constitution.  We will do so to the absolute best of our ability.

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DISCLAIMER: The NRA guidelines require that a certified instructor must not issue a CPL training certificate to any individual who fails to qualify on the range or exhibits extremely poor judgement and/or commits blatant safety violations during the course of training.