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Q: What does CPL mean

A: Concealed Pistol License.

Q: How long does it take to earn my CPL in Michigan

A: The NRA certified CPL licensing class in Michigan is an 8-hour course with an NRA certified instructor.  The actual course name is Personal Protection in the Home.  There are additional pistol training courses available that are not needed to get the permit but can add to your overall firearm proficiency.

Q: Do I have to know how to shoot to take the course?

A: No, you will receive instruction on basic pistol handling at the class.

Q: I don’t own a pistol, can I still take the course?

A: A variety of pistols can be rented to complete the course qualification requirements of firing 100 rounds.  If you’ve never used a firearm before but want to, I would recommend you wait until you have had an opportunity to “try on a few” first.  There are a lot of things to consider when making a purchasing decision for a concealed firearm.  Talk to me at the class.  You’ll be able to hold several different types of pistols and learn what to look for when making your purchase.  The reason you want a firearm (self-defense, hunting, target shooting, etc.), the method you will be carrying it concealed, the caliber/size most appropriate for your level of skill….all of these factors are important and should be considered before making a purchase so please don’t feel overwhelmed by the options, I can help.

Q: Does my CPL permit work in other states?

A: Yes, the Michigan CPL permit is recognized in 39 different states.

Q: What are the requirements or restrictions for obtaining a CPL permit?

A: Please click the link here to be directed to the Michigan State Police site that has the complete requirements for CPL licensing.

Q: “What will be found on my background check when I apply to obtain my CPL?”

A: Follow this link for the State of Michigan background check system.  There is a small fee for the search but this will verify that only the correct information is on your official background and if any legal issues that would prevent you from getting a CPL can be resolved before you apply the process will go smoothly.

Q: Where is training conducted?

A: Classes can be organized to meet at your home.  With a minimum group of six people, a trainer will come to your house.  You will need to have a suitable area for qualifying shooting that is not in violation of any local ordinances.  We reserve the sole discretion of approving the safety of the site.  Classes can also be held at my facility.  With groups of six or more, you can get together with friends or other family members and take the training together.  Often people feel more comfortable completing this training around people they feel comfortable with already.

Q: Are “women only” classes available?

A: Yes. Often firearm training can be intimidating, especially to those with little experience.  Feel free to get six or more female friends/family and take the class together in a comfortable, relaxed environment.